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(Young) Dogs Basic course
Individual support










Every person and every dog is unique. Here lies the basis for tailor made sessions. Not everyone is suited to a group-oriented approach, especially when it comes to educational processes and training with dogs and their owners.


I believe it is not only important for me to first listen to your expectations and aspirations towards your dog but also to assess the possibilities of training.  This way, it is possible to match the requisite training and pace to everyone's ability and requirements.

All lessons are given individually, by appointment at your home or in your environment and when it suits you. This has many advantages:


  • The lessons are tailor made to your goals and the age, character,…  of your dog.
  • All the attention goes on you and your dog so the lessons are be very effective and efficient
  • The whole family can participate, so everyone is pulling in the same direction to get results sooner.
  • We train at days and moments that suit you.
  • No fix starting date and no fix hours, you can start at any time and train on any moment.
  • We’ll work on specific exercises and situations that matter: at home, in your environment, in the park, in your street,...
  • You tell me what is important to you, what your dog must be able to do.
  • My observations of you with your dog allows immediate feedback and correction; your dog will learn more quickly.
  • Since I come to your home and environment, people with disabilities can also participate.

Individual puppy course in combination with the lessons in group

For puppies, it is very important to learn how they should interact with other dogs.  They can learn this by having contact with adult stable dogs that are under control and master the dog language. During the individual lessons you get advice on how you and your puppy should be dealing with other dogs.  Of course, you have also the opportunity to participate on the group course where the pups get acquainted with each other under my guidance and with some ‘translation’ of the dog language. These group lessons are given in public places so we can work on their socialization and to give you opportunities to learn your dog how to remain calm and functioning when confronted with distractions and in dealing with daily affairs.




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