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(Young) Dogs - Basic course
Individual lessons and tailormade training









During the puppy period (up to 3,5 months) the foundations for a stable adult dog are being laid.  Unfortunately, this period can never be ‘re-done’ or ‘earned back’: everything your puppy sees, hears, smells, feels and experiences during this short period, he stores to never forget. The positive or negative experiences that your puppy gains during this period, will form him or her into a secure, insecure or anxious dog. It goes without saying that choosing a good breeder is very important!

In this respect, the proverb "A good start is half the battle", certainly applies. It is important to make a good start from the beginning and work on a good relationship with your dog. Later on, you can always fall back on the basics / fundamentals you have been laying down in this period

During the lessons, you will get lots of answers to the many questions you probably will have the first days and months of your life with the new puppy in your home. 


PUPPY 1: Basic course for puppies from 8 to 14 weeks


This course of 5 individual lessons and optional lessons in a small group is designed for puppies from 8 to 14 weeks. A large part of this package is devoted to teaching your dog the basic commands and socialization. We teach the puppy to deal with everyday things that we - in our human world - regard as normal and which we expect our friend to be comfortable and happy and relax with

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PUPPY 2: Advanced course for puppies from 14 weeks to 6 months

This course of 5 individual lessons at your home or elsewhere and optional lessons in group, follows puppy 1 and is only for people and pups who have taken part in the basic course (puppy 1).

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